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Kappadoks Cave Hotel is with you for all your activities in Cappadocia.

kappadoks teras

Kappados Terrace

Against the magnificent view of the Cappadocia valleys, Mount Erciyes, Black Castle, Gemil Mountain, Tığraz Castle and Uçhisar Castle, our terrace, where you can enjoy the open air with a light wind, accompanied by delicious food and drinks, awaits you with its large seating areas.


In the morning, you can watch both the sunrise and the hot air balloons decorating the sky. You can make a good start to the day, whether indoors or on our terrace, where the spirit of Cappadocia lays at your feet, with our rich variety of mixed breakfast consisting of the products we have specially selected for you.

Balloon Tour

One of the indispensables of Cappadocia is the balloon tour. Cappadocia is also the region where the world's best and most intense hot air balloon flight is made.

The tour starts with the pick-up of our guests from our hotel by comfortable vehicles before sunrise. Registration is completed with special treats for the guests. Then, according to the weather conditions, we go to the departure points determined by the pilots. After take-off, the flight altitude varies between 5 meters and 1000 meters. While gliding between fairy chimneys and valleys, a unique panoramic view emerges with the sunrise. Each flight is a different experience, as balloons only move in the direction of the wind. Approximate flight time is 1 hour. The capacities of the balloons vary between 15 and 28 passengers, depending on the size of the basket. After the flight, a small celebration is held with refreshments such as champagne, juice and cake. As a souvenir, guests are given a special flight certificate. Then return to the hotel is provided. 

For tours, we work with the most distinguished and reliable agencies of the region.

kappadoks balon turu
kappadoks balayı

Marriage Proposal & Honeymoon

That magical moment when your hearts will be sealed with each other… Take the first step of your new life with a dreamy marriage proposal in the unique atmosphere of Kappadoks Cave Hotel.

On your honeymoon; At Kappadoks Cave Hotel, you can taste our special wines, go on nature walks, participate in regional tours, spend romantic moments in front of the fireplace or in the jacuzzi in your room, or immerse yourself in happiness in a balloon in the sky.

ATV Tour

ATV Safari is an adrenaline-filled and exciting driving sport with 4-wheel motors. It is made in the muddy and watery grounds and dusty lands of Cappadocia, intertwined with nature. You do not need to have driving knowledge or a license to take this tour. After the pre-tour test drives and the information given, you will be ready to join this tour. You can watch the sunset from the panorama points in the valleys where you can go with ATVs.  We work with the most exclusive and reliable agencies of the region for tours .

kappadoks atv turu
kappadoks at turu

Horse Tour

Discovering Cappadocia, known as the “Land of Beautiful Horses”, on horseback is a unique experience. . It is very exciting to tour the unique landforms of Cappadocia on horseback. You do not need to be a professional rider to join these tours. You can enjoy this experience in the company of experienced leaders.  We work with the most distinguished and reliable agencies of the region for tours .

Full-Day Red Tour

It starts with the shuttle service picking you up from our hotel between 09:30 and 10:00. Uçhisar Castle, which is the highest point of Cappadocia and has the most beautiful view, is the first stop. Then it continues with Göreme Open Air Museum, which was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1985. After visiting the Love Valley, where the most interesting fairy chimneys of the region are located, we will cruise to Avanos for lunch. After lunch, the old pottery and pottery workshops on the edge of Kızılırmak are visited and the making of pottery is watched. From here, our tour continues as Paşabağ, Devrent Valley and Ürgüp Üç Güzeller Fairy Chimneys. The tour ends at our hotel around 16:30.  We work with the most distinguished and reliable agencies of the region for tours .

kappadoks kırmızı tur
kappadoks yeşil tur

Full-Day Green Tour

It starts with the shuttle service picking you up from our hotel between 09:30 and 10:00. Göreme Panorama point, one of the most beautiful panoramas of Cappadocia, is our first stop. From here, we go to Derinkuyu Underground City, the largest underground city of Cappadocia and used as a shelter for many years. After a 45-minute journey, the Selime Monastery, the largest rock-carved monastery in Cappadocia, is visited. While getting information about Cappadocia monastic life, you will have the opportunity to watch a unique view. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to walk for 3 km in the Ihlara Valley, which is the greenest valley of Cappadocia, located on the edge of the Melendiz River, and you will be able to visit many rock-carved churches. After a journey of approximately 1 hour, you will be able to watch the sunset in the unique view of Güvercinlik Valley and Uçhisar Castle overlooking the whole region.  The most exclusive and reliable agencies of the region are employed for tours .

Private Cappadocia Tour

If you want to make the mysterious Cappadocia trip by taking a private tour, you can decide the start and end times of the tour, and you can add or remove some destinations. We usually recommend starting around 09:30 - 10:00, but you can also start earlier or later. In the private tour; private car (VIP Mercedes Vito), private guide, private driver, museum entrance fees, parking fees, lunch are also included.  We work with the most distinguished and reliable agencies of the region for tours .

kappadoks özel tur
türk gecesi

Turkish night

In a cave restaurant carved out of a rock peculiar to the structure of Cappadocia, the Turkish Night program, which includes scenes such as local games and wedding ceremonies, where Turkey's customs, traditions and customs are reflected, as well as unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with meals and non-meal options, serves in the evening hours. For tours and shows  we work with the region's most exclusive and reliable agents.

Whirling Dervishes

How would you like to watch the Sema Show, the magnificent rite of Mevlevi, established under the leadership of Mevlana, in the magical rock caves of Cappadocia? This show, with deep symbolic meanings, performed by Whirling Dervishes and Mevlevi musicians under the leadership of the whirling dervish, takes you on a magical journey into the past. Mevlevi rites are performed by 1 Whirling Dervishes, 5 Whirling Dervishes and 5 Mevlevi Musicians and take approximately 50 minutes. After the ceremony, guests are served sherbet.  We work with the most distinguished and reliable agencies of the region for tours and shows .

sema gösterisi
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