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Covid-19 Precautions



  • The temperature of everyone, including the personnel, is taken at the entrance and exit of the hotel. 

  • Everyone, including the staff, must wear a mask when entering and leaving the hotel. 

  • A hand disinfectant station has been added to all points of our facility and must be used at the entrance.

  • During check-in, guests are informed about Covid-19. 

  • Guests are informed about the rules to follow in the hotel about Covid-19. 

  • Guests who check in are required to fill out a guest information form at check-in. 



  • The temperature of the hotel staff is measured and recorded upon entry and exit from work. 

  • Necessary information and training were given to our hotel employees and all our team by experts. 

  • Employees go through the necessary disinfection procedures and wear masks and gloves when entering the job. 

  • Continuous training is provided for the personnel not to touch their face areas. 

  • The staff has information about the usage times of the hygiene materials (eg mask). 

  • Staff follow the social distance rule in rest areas and general areas. 

  • He knows what to do in case of any signs of illness. 

  • Staff were warned not to socialize with celebrations, invitations and meals outside of work.

  • The tools and equipment used by the personnel, equipment, areas, up to the door handles are disinfected. 

  • There are disinfectants in the rest and work areas of the personnel.

  • All necessary protective equipment support is provided to personnel. 


  • In other sections where customer entrance and movement density are experienced, arrangements were made to indicate social distance by marking the places by drawing lines.

  • The protocol to be applied in case of emergency, the persons and institutions to be called were given training to the personnel.

  • Protective clothing and equipment are always available on site.

  • The mask, hand disinfectant, general area disinfectant and cleaning materials used in the facility have TSE certificate.

  • Information notes are given to the guests about the precautions and practices taken at the facility.

  • Preventive maintenance and repair of all installations and equipment (energy, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning equipment, dishes, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) used in the facility operation are performed periodically by the authorized service or by experts trained in their field._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

  • Tables have been adjusted to 80 cm mutual sitting distance, 60 cm side-to-side sitting distance, and 150 cm table spacing.

  • Social distance is defined for standing customers. There is a 60cm gap between the bar stools.



  • The room daily cleaning control form is inspected and recorded by the manager at the end of the cleaning. 

  • The remote, kettle and other materials in the rooms are specially disinfected. 

  • Uses disposable cloths for each room during cleaning. 

  • The ventilation system and air conditioner filters in the rooms are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals. 

  • There are disposable cups, soap, shampoo, bone and other amenities in our rooms. 

  • After the rooms are emptied, they are naturally ventilated. 

  • All rooms and general areas of our hotel are disinfected.

  • All of our textile products are cleaned and disinfected at at least 90 degrees. 

  • The rooms are constantly disinfected.



  • Cleaning is carried out and inspected according to a specially prepared protocol.

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the kitchen entrance.

  • Personal protective equipment, disposable gloves, gowns, surgical masks, bonnets and shoe covers are used for relevant personnel and people who come into contact with food.

  • Fruits and vegetables are specially disinfected.

  • Chopping boards and knives are separate for raw and cooked food. 

  • Separate gloves are always used for each procedure to prevent cross-contamination. 

  • Hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, necessary tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene are used during the food production phase or during shipment. 

  • Food production areas are naturally ventilated. 

  • All apparatus and machines used are specially disinfected. 



  • All eating and drinking units are disinfected and recorded at regular intervals according to a special protocol. 

  • Hotel staff use personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and gown, surgical mask) while working. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the restaurant. 

  • It has been prepared with a distance of 1.5m, paying attention to the social distance between other tables in the restaurant. 

  • The restaurant accepts a certain number of guests to avoid crowds. 

  • Coffee and tea service is provided by the staff in the restaurant. 

  • Breakfast and food services are served with plates, open buffet is not used. 

  • The restaurant is naturally ventilated. 

  • Only disposable salt, spices, toothpicks etc. There are management sets and auxiliary products and materials such as sugar. 



  • Toilets are cleaned according to the protocol prepared by the hotel management, inspected and recorded by the relevant manager.

  • Frequently touched areas such as fixtures, door handles, faucets, washbasins, toilet bowls, towel holders, lamp sockets/switches are disinfected regularly.

  • There is liquid soap and hand sanitizer in the sinks. 

  • The chart prepared for the general cleaning and control of all the toilets in the hotel is signed by the relevant personnel after the cleaning and the charts are kept.

  • Garbage bins and other cleaning equipment used are periodically disinfected.


  • In case of emergencies and detection of sick, symptomatic or suspicious cases (including Epidemics Crisis Management requirements), the protocol to be applied, the persons and institutions to be reached were determined by our hotel managers and shared in the necessary places where guests can reach them.

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