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Our Policy on Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food Safety, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety

As Kappadoks Management and Employees;

  • To provide products and services with the awareness that we are responsible for the quality of all the activities we carry out,

  • To investigate the wishes, expectations, needs and complaints of our guests, to plan the service in this direction and to ensure its realization,

  • To provide training and tools to ensure that our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs in a conscious, correct and safe manner, with an understanding of quality, guest orientation, increasing the importance given to the environment, ensuring occupational safety and food safety,

  • To serve in line with brand standards and to show an approach to immediately correcting the errors that arise,

  • To make the activities affecting the quality measurable, to evaluate the results and to ensure the continuous improvement of the integrated management system,

  • To serve in hygienic and appropriate environments where food, occupational health and safety is provided, in accordance with legal regulations and conditions, without harming the environment,

  • To perform our products and services without wasting resources and without harming the environment,

  • To identify environmental, occupational health and safety risks and to make continuous efforts to minimize them, to ensure that appropriate emergency plans are in place to deal with unforeseen events,

  • To carry out studies on the occupational health and safety of our employees as a management,

  • To determine measurable objectives regarding environmental, occupational health and safety performance and to regularly review our activities,

  • To enable our employees and business partners to be fully responsible for the implementation of occupational health and safety principles, and to create a suitable working environment for all employees in terms of environment, occupational health and safety,

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