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Cappadocia has been home to many civilizations such as Hittites, Persians, Roman Empire, Byzantian Empires, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires. It’s a natural beauty which we can call as indescribable. Kappadoks is a unique hotel in this land that can't fit in photo frames.


In ancient times , Kappadoks was one of the tributaries of Red River, and was flowing from Pigeon Valley which is just in front of our hotel.


Our History and About Us

This mansion, which has been registered as a historical building by the Board of Monuments, has been restored by our stone masters for years, remaining faithful to its architecture.

This mansion, which has been home to the miller family of the village for 70 years until recently, has been transformed into an authentic cave hotel by being thoughtful and decorated to the smallest detail in order to ensure the satisfaction of our guests during their stay.

Social responsibility

A socially responsible organization must adopt and execute discretionary business practices and investments that support social causes to improve community well-being and protect the environment. Kappadoks, acting ethically and responsibly both towards its suppliers and its peer organizations with which it does business, shares its social responsibility with them in every environment in which it operates. It has been our social responsibility target to continue working for our guests, employees, managers, environment and society in the most effective and efficient way and to aim for continuous improvement.

Protecting the natural environment,
To support activities such as education, health, sports and art in order to contribute to the welfare of the society,
To respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of our employees,
To offer quality and safe products, taking into account the preferences of our guests,
To value and invest in our youth,

We carry out our work within the framework of our principles.

sosyal sorumluluk

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